Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wichita, here I come!

One week from today I will be packing up the Saturn and heading down to Wichita. A week ago today I formally accepted a teaching job at Cloud Elementary in Wichita, teaching 2nd grade. My attitude in this time of intense excitement, anticipation and challenge is "the kids need me".

Cloud is a school with a majority of the population consisting of Hispanic students and most of them recieve ESL, English as a second language, services. It is also a high poverty school, although it is not in an urban setting. I know this year will challenge me and probably break my hear more than once.

Right now I am purchasing and packing. Thanks to a good friend who diligently pushed my cart around IKEA, I won't be sitting on a mat in the corner of my apartment that I have yet to find! I am excited for this transition, and glad that you will be able to share it with me throught cyberspace!