Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Gramma and Grampa J! Thanks for being great role models!

Seasons Of Life

I lead our girl's Bible Study this week. I talked about seasons of life and tried to challenge them to think about what season of life they are in, and what God is teaching them within that season. I used season of singleness as an example, and had hoped that it would in turn encourage them to share their particular season and it's lessons or struggles.

It turned into a marriage advice seminar, not exactly what I was going for.

Do married people feel bad for us singletons? I don't feel bad for myself, I really love my life and where I am. I can spend my money how I choose, do what I want, stay up late, sleep in, leave my kitchen a mess if I feel like it; it's really great. I am learning so much about myself as well, I wouldn't trade this season of life for the married season or really any other season at all.

Maybe I make other people feel uncomfortable because I am so comfortable with myself and my life.


In school news, we are enjoying another snow day (and this time it really snowed) and I am staying in. We have conferences next week, that should be hectically busy. I also was the lucky recipient of strep throat this past weekend, which allowed me to spend my weekend a combination of places, urgent care, the pharmacy, my bed and the couch. Thanks to amoxicillin I am feeling much better.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Books You Should Read

I've been making a mental blog for the past few days. I do that a lot, I come up with a blog in my mind, and usually forget to put it out there, so it's amazing I remembered this one. It's not much, but just a short list of books I think you should read, for various reasons.
  • Harry Potter - whether or not you agree/disagree with the content, you should read this/these book(s). They are well written, and my opinion is that if you are going to strongly disagree with something, you should at least know what you are disagreeing with and why.
  • I'm A Stranger Here Myself - For anyone who has ever been overseas...Bill Bryson's thoughts on returning to America.
  • Twenty Someone - Transition...especially in your 20's. Great perspective and thoughts.
  • Early Bird - Honestly, it's just a funny book.
  • Other People's Love Letters - Reminds you of a time when someone saw the real you and loved you for it.
  • I Sold My Soul on eBay - Really interesting...ask my parents. I read it while they were here visiting, and couldn't put it down. It is written by an atheist, and is a lot of his perspectives about what is right and wrong about Christianity/organized religion in general.
  • The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane - Yes, another kid's book. BUT...I have to say, this book gives me goose bumps every time I read it, and is just a wonderful story about a rabbit who learns to love. Similar in some ways to the Velveteen Rabbit, but better I think. Children's books are much better written now than when I was a kid.
  • Marley and Me - If you only get one of these books to read from my list, this would be the one I recommend. Read it with a box of Kleenex.
Read more, pretty much everything on TV (but the food network) is junk anyway.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's To Blindness

I had a nice long weekend. I used it to do laundry, attend a friend's wedding, go to a movie and get an eye check up. All in all it was fantastic.

I was told at my eye check up that I shouldn't be driving with my contacts, and was kindly given a new pair in my new (nearly blind) prescription. I also decided to head on over to Target afterwards and get some new glasses, it had been about 4 years since my last pair, and I knew they were having a sale. I've returned to my roots, buying a turquoise greenish pair, the same color as my first pair (that I picked out, thank you very much) that I got when I was 8. Aren't they nice?

Sorry to the angry masses that I have been delinquent in my blogginating. I feel like I've hit a dry spell...any blogging ideas? I am open for suggestions.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The first person to correctly translate these "bilingualisms" that my students like to say, wins! At least my admiration...sorry I don't have any real prizes.

"My tooth fell."

"She was yarning."

"Ms. J, I won him!"

Part of my job is trying to decipher what my kids really mean, and it's amazing I don't just start talking like them!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back To Work

I went back to work today, the kids come back tomorrow. Oh, what joys I will have...I can already smell the weekend.

The picture is from my break at home.