Saturday, March 31, 2007

Loud Talker and Proud of It!

I am a loud talker, and very aware of it. It is something I don't do on purpose, it might be in my genes, because I am pretty sure that both of my parents are loud talkers. I am reminded, however, of my loud talking when I hear the doors of the teachers next to me discreetly close when I am teaching.

Something that I was not aware of is that I have "interesting" expressions while I am talking/teaching loudly. As part of being a new teacher I am assigned a peer consultant who comes and observes me and gives me feedback, usually about every 2 weeks or so. One of my peer consultant's comments this past week was that I make the funniest expressions when I teach. Ummm, thanks?

I will attribute the funny expressions to the fact that for most of my students, English is their second language. I have found that this year I do a lot more talking with my hands, and acting things out, and in addition to that, I now am aware that I make faces while I teach. Hmm, maybe it's time to tape myself to see how funny I really must look. The kids don't complain though, so I guess it must be working!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Swimming Lessons...Take Two

There is nothing better than warm apple crisp. Well, there probably are, but I am eating some while I write this, so in this moment in my life, there are few things that are better than warm apple crisp. Spring is in full swing, and for some reason I felt especially in a mood to bake today, so with my windows wide open, listening to other people's air conditioners hum (seriously, it's not that's not even hot) I get to enjoy the freshly baked treat. Yum!

Today was swimming lesson day! I had 5 students come in this morning asking to call home because they'd forgotten their suits at home, and much to my surprise only 2 of them knew their phone number. It's not such a problem, just a phone call to the office to have one of the secretaries look it up, but I still am of the persuasion that children, especially 2nd graders need to know their phone number. That's what their homework was.

The swimming lessons themselves went swimmingly. Sorry, I couldn't resist. No mishaps, no cuss words, and the boys, surprisingly, were faster than the girls getting out of the locker rooms. I didn't get my alone time though, because one of my students who has grabbed my heart, was worried to stay at school instead of going (she'd forgotten her suit) and told me this right before we left, so she and I sat and read books outside the pool. Oh, and we ate Twizzlers from the vending machine as well. All the kiddos were so tired when we got back, and so we took it easy the rest of the day. A short video on Christopher Columbus, and a Scholastic News.

Question: Does anyone know what this tree is? (Mom???) They are blooming all over and I absolutely love them. I think God created them just for me. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

5 States in One Day

I made it!!! After driving through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, I am home for a nice break with my family. It's spring break for me, so I am enjoying some rest and fun with my family. I had planned on just seeing my mom and sister, as my dad was going to be leaving yesterday for Budapest, Hungary; but because God is great, my dad was bumped from his flight, and I got to spend a bit of time with him today! I am going to be on a blogging break this week, but I am sure the last 9 weeks of the semester will have some funny stories that I'll just have to share!

Friday, March 09, 2007

911, What's Your Emergency?

I had a student call 911 from my room today. It happened during a transition time between my class and a specials teacher coming into my room. All I know is that when I found out, my mind raced back to the fire, and I found myself sprinting down the hall, hurdling the janitor's card and running to my room (after the principal of course). No one 'fessed up, and no one can be found guilty, because in all the tattling moments there have been this year, apparently no one was off task, and so no student saw who did it. Oh well, I am thankful that I didn't get into trouble. However, the whole time I was in the hall with the principal, while she was talking to the more-than-likely-guilty-student (who cannot be proven guilty), I am thinking "Why did I wear my yucky flip flops today? I hope she doesn't look at my feet!"

I think I should buy some new flip flops, and maybe move my phone to a locked box.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My sister is coming. I am very excited. We will wreak havoc all across the greater Wichita area.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We're gonna stay at the YMCA

I should be in bed. I have a meeting tomorrow at 8 am, and instead, I find myself tapping away at my keyboard. Two reasons: I am as of late, a bit of an insomniac, probably due to extreme fatigue, and also, if I go to bed without relaying my daily adventure, I'll forget it and tomorrow it will be half as interesting as it is now.

Swimming lessons. An important milestone in life. My kids receive free swimming lessons through the YMCA, as part of a program that they have. I, for one, think this is great. I was a swimmer in high school, so I do have a bit of a love of water; but also I think all kids should learn how to swim. Not only for their safety, but so that they don't fear water later on in life.

For this wonderful adventure, I am the sole supervisor of 21 youngsters from the moment we step out of the school doors, until the moment we come back, well except for actually teaching them how to swim. That's my free time to enjoy coffee (thanks Y). It's not like I have people helping me in my classroom, but there are so fewer threats within the safe walls of the classroom. The YMCA involves a bus trip, locker rooms (thank goodness they have private ones for the kids), water, showering, towels, changing etc. all with many kids who have never had swimming lessons, or been to the Y.

The girls I was not concerned about, because I got to be in there watching their every move. However I was sure that some of the boys would take advantage of their new found freedom. Getting ready for swimming lessons were fine, but the changing back into school clothes was another adventure.

I had 1 lost sock, 1 lost Wal-Mart bag, 1 person post swimming sporting a Faux-hawk, (fake Mohawk), 1 almost bus sick child (my seatmate of course), 1 student who didn't take of their underwear when swimming and had wet pants the rest of the day, (we'll go over that before we go the next time), 1 cuss word and 1 water fight with the nozzles from the showers. All in all, I'd consider that a very successful day, and hey, they even had their first swimming lesson, and maybe learned something.

Think of me on Tuesday afternoons for the next 6 weeks from1:00 - 2:45, because lost socks and Faux-hawks will be my life.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Amazing Grace

I very rarely recommend going to see movies the theater, but I saw this movie this weekend. It is one of the movies that I would highly encourage going to the theaters to see because the music was great, but the story is so encouraging. It is worth the $8.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Rolling Down the Hall on an Overhead Cart

I am sick. Yuck. I thought I had missed the worst of it when all my kids had the flu, and I was still fine. Thankfully this is just a cold, no flu symptoms.

The worst part was that I couldn't get a sub yesterday, on my sickest day of all, and so I went to school and sat in a chair and taught from there all day. I had to get up to do some things, and when I was working with the overhead I was feeling a bit light headed, so I was leaning on it a bit. I told my students that I had to sit down because I was dizzy.

To which one responded: "Don't worry. If you faint, we'll put you on the overhead cart and roll you down the hall to the nurse."

Thanks guys, I am glad you have my back!

I did get a sub for today, so I am recuperating at home. It is such a blessing to have a job with benefits that also gives me a certain number of days I can be sick, and still get paid.