Sunday, July 20, 2008

World On Fire

How To Summarize?

Zach and I have returned from our roadtrip, and I've been putting off posting anything on the blog; partially because I am doing laundry and getting readjusted to life in Ta of Wichi, but also...I don't know how to describe our trip.

I've seen a few people since getting back, and talked to even more on the phone, and they all ask the same thing "how was your trip???" with great enthusiasm. It's only after I have bored them to tears with an hour of stories that I think they begin to regret asking that question. Okay, so no one has cried...yet.

How can I describe to anyone that wasn't there what the trip was like and how much fun we had, an all that we experienced? The variety of things we did is amazing, and I tried to savor each and every moment, knowing that unfortunately our time on the road would come to an end.

On my trip I sat in the moonlight next to a fire and smoked a cigar. More than once. I saw a bear. I hiked up into the mountains 6 miles and camped on mosquito mountain. I laughed. I talked with God. I watched sunsets. I ate noodles and luna bars. I read 5 books. I felt the heat of 110 degrees in the desert. I looked up into the sky at the sequoias and redwoods and marveled at their size. I got sore muscles. I ate clam chowder. Twice. I wrote lots of postcards. I filled the car with gas. Countless times. I listened to a wide variety of music. I watched an entire season of The Office. I perfected french braiding my hair. I got a tan. I felt the coolness of the ocean on my feet and the heat of the sun on my skin. I made memories.

I am so thankful that I took this trip. Like Zach said, there are lots of girls that would give their two front teeth to have a trip like that with their brothers. I think I take our relationship with him for granted, and this roadtrip was a great reminder of how blessed I am with my family. If I could change anything about my trip, I would bring Christi with too. She's coming next.


You're beautiful
Every little piece love, and don't you know
You're really gonna be someone, ask anyone
and when you find everything you looked for
I hope your life leads you back to my door
Oh but if it don't, stay beautiful