Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wooing Victoria

Vanessa and I met a man last night named Alan. He was getting off the shuttle bus downtown, and it was parked behind us so we waited frustrated that we couldn't move while all the people got off. He must have sensed our frustrations so he came over to chat. We learned that Alan is in his 30's, divorced after being married for 12 years, two kids and that he is going to be in a fundraiser auctioning off dates with eligible Wichita bachelors next week. Alan is not looking to find the woman of his dreams in the auction, he has already found her.

He told us that he started dating Victoria two years ago, right after his divorce. Unfortunatly, with all that a divorce entails, he needed some time to figure out his life and so he and Victoria ended things. In the time since their relationship ended he has figured out that she is the one, and he began writing her love letters, he said he had written over 80 of them. Alan delivered his box of letters to Victoria last week, along with a ticket to a theater production later this week. He told us that he will be in the seat next to the one on her ticket, hoping she shows up. It's the big last hurrah, and he said that if this doesn't work out, then he'll be able to move on.

Having a man woo you, every girl's dream.

Good luck Alan, go get your girl.